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April 84
Presentation to the International festival "Son et Image" in the CNIT of the VG5000 "model made of wood."   

October 84
Presentation of the VG5000 in the VIDCOM to Canne.
Merchandising of the VG5000 (1590 F), VG5200, VU0001, VU0011, 15 games, 3 utilitarian and 7 educational are available.   

November 84
Advertisement VG5000 Philips - on TF1 after the "Tify s'il te plait"    
Advertisement doubles half page color in the newspapers "Le Monde" the and  "Le Figaro".
Advertising movie of 40 seconds will be projected in 1200 room of movies in France.   
63 spot advertisements pass to the TV.   

December 84
35 000 copies sold end December (Philips + Radiola). Exit of the k7 flight simulator and 5 educational.

January 85
Festival of  "son et de l'image vidéo" in Paris, TF1 stand, placed at disposal of VG5000 to the public. 

February 85
Come out of  VG5216 device, VU0031 cartridge, VW0010/20 printers. 
Come out of the book "VG5000 jeux d'action - Sybex"   
Come out of the book "VG5000 pour tous - P.S.I "

March 85
Come out of the book  "Jeux sur VG5000 Philips - Edimicro"
Come out of the book  "Guide du VG5000 Philips - Edimicro"

April 85
Come out of the book  "VG5000 - 56 Programmes - Sybex "
Come out of the book "102 Programmes pour VG5000 - P.S.I"

May 85
Promotion, the VG5000 is in 1100 F in  the "Comptoir radio électrique"

November 85
Come out of the game Tarot and the utilitarian "Salut l'Artiste".   

Running 86
Stop of the production of the VG5000 (to confirm).   

Beginning 87
Liquidation of the VG5000 is to 490 F, the VG5000 + VG5216 + Tape is to 790 F to "Comptoir radio électrique"

End 87
Terrific liquidation in Conforama, the VG5000 + VG5216 + tape recorder to 490 F.   

- Creation of a site of fans of the VG5000:  
- Dumping of the rom 1.1 of the VG5000 by Romu.  

Extra :
Commercial life span of the VG5000: 18 months roughly between its exit end October 84 and the end of production running 86.   
End 84, they sold themselves 470 VG5000 computers on average per day.  
We can estimate 340 000 sold machines.  
The K7 "LOGO" is announced in end 84! (ever exit? )
The K7 "Tennis" Announce beginning 85 (ever exit?)
VG5000 Basic 1.0.... apparently according to an article in the magazine" Hauts Parleurs" they exist very few machines, according to the n° of set month of 350 machines. to confirm.
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