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Various Ads

The ads were not traducted into english, sorry...

Science et Vie - 1985
This 1985 ad shows that Philips wanted to create a large amount of products around the VG5000µ. They planned to connect floppy drives, videodisc, and video tape recorders !!!

Tilt journal - 12/1984
Here is the ad for the VIDCOM 84, where the VG5000 was introduced...

Tilt Journal - 1992


Tilt - 1987
2 years later, Philips gave up, shops are selling VG5000 stocks as soon as they can... Prices are very low...

Tilt - 1986
Some prices: VW0010 and WV0020 printers, and some softs on tape.

Tilt - 1987
One year later, prices are halved...

Hebdogiciel - 1984
No comment!

Pub de 1987

The one and only "Clefs pour VG5000".

The VG5000, the first wireless device?
Look at this Schneider ad... The VG5000 is not connected, but working !!!

The Schneider ad.


Wireless once again? In Philips' ad, the scart cable is connected, but not the PSU.

The Radiola ad


You can see here the VG5216 and VU0031 (Philips ad)

"The Club" VG5000 ;-)


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