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Press articles, written in the VG5000µ's years

The articles were not traducted into english, sorry...
Thank you very much to Olivier Boisseau for his numerous scans.

VG5000's BASIC

LIST n°8 - April 85

VG5000 Philips presentation

Micro 7 n° 22

Philips incomming

Down this article, we can read the first VG5000 announcement.

SVM n° 6 - Mai 1984

Philips VG5000: no stars and no sunlights


SVM n° 11 - November 1984

Philips VG5000: "someting to laugh at ?"


SVM n° 12 - December 1984

VG5000 Philips - Complete test

SVM n°13 - January 1985


at the end of 1984, 35.000 units where sold during 2,5 months

SVM n° 15 - March 1985

Peripherals for the VG5000


SVM n° 18 - June 1985

The Micro from a Big one


Tilt n° 18

Philips VG5000

VG5000 is a "Golden Tilt" for the year 1985 !

Tilt n° 26 - November 1985

Philips VG5000 at the front page of "Haut-Parleur"

Le Haut-Parleur n° 1715 - January 1985

Philips VG5000

Le Haut-Parleur n° 1719 - Mai 85

Philips VG5000 "cheap and fast"


LED Micro N°14 November 1984

Philips launches VG5000


Tilt n°17 December 1984

VG5000 plays cards :-)


Tilt n°30 April 1986

Nice Ideas birth

Tilt n°15 September 1984

a VG5000 made of wood

Micro et Robots n°6 April 1984

VG5000: first micro computer for the whole familly, by Philips

Haut Parleur n°1710 November 1984

Philips VG5000 in the French magazine "Plays and Strategy"

the VG5000 computer launch by Philips...
Magazine Jeux et Stratégie

Philips VG5000 pour débutant

After the game console Videopac here the VG5000 computer.
Votre Ordinateur n° 9


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