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Here are some projects around the VG5000...

Some of them were (or are) real projects, some of others are real fakes...

Here is the fabulous VG5000SX. This transportable micro-computer (you had to carry the standard VU-0022 PSU anyway) was revolutionary at these times. The motherboard was reduced and it integrated the cassette communication board.

This prototype was made at the end of 1985. Nowadays, it seems that only one of the 3 prototypes made is working...

But, let's read Jean-Claude review. He's one of the men that made this VG5000SX exist:
"It was the project of the century, we would have revolutionized the micro computer world !!! The product was technically good, and was working very well as long as we connect it ton an external monitor (or TV). But in 1985, the LCD screens were not that widespread, and the one we chose was not so good after all... The photo I've sent you is a prototype I've remade five years ago, using a newer (color) LCD screen."


The developpers community around the VG5000 is still very active. I let you enjoy this CD-R/RW reader/writer for the VG5000, as developped by Philippe C. Déraume.

This wonderful peripheral keeps in hand all the VG5000µ softwares (RAW or WAV format, see our project).


The VG5000µ was not only sold on the french territory...

You can see here some ads for softwares that were held on US motorways in the late 1985...

Laservision VP835 and VG5000 Vaporware ?

Here is the VP835, videodisc reader that VG5000 should have used through the VG-8180 interface: MT-viditel RS232C interface (with Philips logo). This interface was producted by Philips with the MSX (VG8000), its original name was VG5180 and it should have been connected on the VG5216 cartridge.



At last a VG5000 emulator on a PC !!! this first version is VERY limited ;-).

download the emulator


Here is the Radiola VG6000, with a cartridge port MSX compatible, new keyboard, basic Micro$oft v2.0, joystick port, centronic... No floppy drive, and always the same thomson 9345 to render the graphics :( but in enhanced mode (16k video ram : 320x240 16 colors)
Only one prototype was produced... We're still looking forward to finding it.

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